Consult 5
Environment and Development Consultants


Consult 5 offers specialised Africa Environment and Development Services based on the extensive experience of team members who have lived and worked in Africa.  For many years, we have been building close relationships with communities and governments in Africa, as well as establishing strategic relationships with in-country specialists and experienced local consultants. 


Our work is highly regarded by governments and the international developers whose projects we have successfully taken through the permitting and approval process. We help our clients succeed by guiding their projects from conception through to development and finally closure in Africa’s complex political and social systems.  


Consult 5 staff have worked extensively in Africa offering:


Agricultural Sustainability in the Soudo-Sahel: Climate Change and the Application of Traditional Knowledge to Enhance Agricultural Productivity, by Diane L. Douglas, Jeffrey A. Homburg, and Mark Vendrig. 13th Congress of the Panafrican Archaeological Association for Prehistory and Related Studies ­ PAA. 20th Meeting of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists ­ SAFA. Dakar, Senegal. Session: Sabodala Cultural Heritage Project, November 3, 2010.


A Slave Who Would Be King: Oral Tradition and Archaeology of the Recent Past in a Portion of the Upper Senegal River Basin, by Jeffrey H. Altschul, Ibrahima Thiaw, Gerald Wait, and Michael Heilen 13th Congress of the Pan African Archaeological Association ­ PAA. 20th Meeting of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists ­ SAFA; Dakar, Senegal. Session: Sabodala Cultural Heritage Project, November 3, 2010.


Mitigating Climate Change Impacts on Critical Assets and World Heritage Sites: A Case Study from Senegal, by Diane L. Douglas, United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction, Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Geneva, Switzerland, May 8 to 13, 2011.


Mineral Exploration and Mining

Oil and Gas Industry

Chemical Industry

Airports, Ports, Railways and Roads

Power Stations

Conservation Areas and Wildlife Reserves

Large Dams

Large Scale Waterline and Canal Networks

Other Government Infrastructure.



Consult 5 has established associations with reputable in-country consultancies by working with them and delivering projects for local and overseas clients. By working with highly reputable international specialists in support of in-country specialists, we have successfully delivered locally compliant projects that also meet IFC, World Bank and Equator Principle Guidelines. Consult 5 has working associations with Consulting Groups in South Africa, Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea, Niger and Ghana.  This helps our clients gain successful and effective project permitting that also meets the corporate responsibility demands of discerning investors seeking compliance with the Equator Principles.